HGA Breakfast Seminar – “Are you winning the international war?”
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HGA Breakfast Seminar – “Are you winning the international war?”

HGA Group Breakfast Seminar 

“Are you winning the International War?”
A special thank you to our guests and Speakers who attended the HGA Group Breakfast Seminar on May 18.We were delighted to have guest speakers:

Gail Anscomb (formerly Director of International at The White Company)
Jamie Powell (formerly MD Jonathan Saunders)
Simon Rider (formerly President of Speedo)

They spoke to delegates about their experiences with international expansion.

Jamie Powell spoke about his experiences with international expansion into China where 60% of all orders now come from mobile phones. He advised that the international strategy really depends on the size of your business and the impact of your chosen partners. There are many different factors to consider: The menswear / womenswear market in China is about 50/50. There is a vast learning curve when understanding culture and language.

Gail Anscomb voiced an opinion on the fact that the concerns around the EU referendum are affecting international expansion. She advised brands and retailers to be ahead with their planning – what is your back up plan? Intelligence is power – be informed about your new market. She also advised retailers to “think globally but act locally.”

Simon Rider advised that when entering a new market, check why there is no one there already. There is usually a good reason! He also talked about how integrating personally within your new region can go a long way. Who are your customers in your new markets? It is vital that you get to know them and understanding their culture is so important. Your product must also be relevant to that new market.

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