Chairman’s Notes – May 2018
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Chairman’s Notes – May 2018

Every year approximately 250,000 small businesses start.

A fantastic barometer of deep rooted entrepreneurial instincts, belief in one’s product, service or idea and the determination to be make a difference either to our own lives or benefit the lives of our customers. Unfortunately it is also true that 250,000 small companies fail each year.

There are lots of reasons for these failures however in celebrating their 15th Birthday, Harveen, Sue and HGA have defied this statistic and deservedly so.

That said, most businesses would have been pleased to defy these odds and reach this milestone by keeping essentially one customer happy. Remarkably what Harveen and Sue have been able to achieve is to keep two customers happy, namely the client and the candidate.

Clients have supported HGA over these 15 years because they are consistently presented with high calibre candidates that are well prepared and aligned with the brief or opportunity. Candidates have made themselves available or come to HGA because of the  quality of the roles and opportunities coupled with the advice and insight that Harveen and Sue have continually provided.

No mean feat and one that should be celebrated as much as their birthday. As Chairman it has been a delight to work with you.

Congratulations Harveen. Congratulations Sue, and Happy Birthday HGA!!!!!