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12 Dec A new role in 2017?

2016 has been a year of momentous change. From a macro – economic perspective, we have witnessed substantial events including Brexit, the election win of Donald Trump and the resignation of the Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi following the defeat on constitutional reform. Amidst this uncertainty, although no official statistics exist, it is widely accepted that the number of live roles within the fashion retail space were far fewer than 2015 – outside the digital and IT functions.   We at HGA Group, saw a marked decrease in roles in Q2 and...

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12 Dec Chairman’s Notes – December 2016

So 2016 comes to a close and what a year!! Looming over the first half of the year was June 23rd and the Remain/Leave referendum along with its wildly different predictions from the so called experts. Half Year 2 has seen margins that were already under pressure from the introduction of the living wage, the apprenticeship levy, the lack of reform to business rates and rising e-commerce costs come under even further stress from weak sterling. Black Friday has turned in to Black 10 days and Cyber Monday in to Cyber weeks...

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05 Sep HGA Interview – Teri Naccarato

We were delighted to sit down with Terri Naccarato, Chief Merchandising Officer at C&A and ex General Manager of Cotton On, to discuss her career journey: 1. What made you embark on a career in retail?  My formal education is in Law and Economics. And, even though I’d been raised within our family businesses, I hadn’t intentionally sought a career in Retail. Circumstances occurred which propelled me to assume the leadership of my mother’s business. It was during that time that I realised how much I loved the dynamic and challenging nature of...

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© Licensed to simonjacobs.com. 06/09/2013 London, UK. Chairman of fashion accessories label Zatchels, Greg Tufnell photographed at The Clubhouse, Gresham Street, London. Tufnell, who has a wealth of experience from his roles as managing director with Mothercare and senior roles at Burton and Next, will be working with directors Dean Clarke and Brian Brady on the company’s day-to-day business activities as well as its long-term strategic business development and planning. The leather accessories brand has recently opened two shops to support its e-commerce business, and has been growing its international presence in Asia, as well as in the US and Europe. Photo credit : Simon Jacobs

05 Sep Chairman’s Notes – September 2016

I am not sure whether my mood was formed through Nature or Nuture but I have always been a half full not half empty type of person so I was beginning to despair of this summers doom and gloom and the perfect platform that the EU Referendum gave the scaremongers, the nay sayers and “experts”. However a wonderful HGA evening for over 70 guests with Andy Milligan of the Caffeine Partnership and Brandon Bichler of Elixxr revived the spirits. As speakers both brought enormous energy and purpose to not just our evening...

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26 May HGA Breakfast Seminar – “Are you winning the international war?”

HGA Group Breakfast Seminar  "Are you winning the International War?" A special thank you to our guests and Speakers who attended the HGA Group Breakfast Seminar on May 18.We were delighted to have guest speakers: Gail Anscomb (formerly Director of International at The White Company) Jamie Powell (formerly MD Jonathan Saunders) Simon Rider (formerly President of Speedo) They spoke to delegates about their experiences with international expansion. Jamie Powell spoke about his experiences with international expansion into China where 60% of all orders now come from mobile phones. He advised that the international strategy really depends on the size of your...

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25 May HGA Interview: Richard Hyman

Richard Hyman is a world-leading expert in the retail industry, having provided top-level analytics, insight and thought leadership on retail intelligence for more than 35 years. Richard has advised many of the country’s leading retailers, analysing, forecasting and evaluating all the key sectors and companies across the retail market. We talk to him about his career progression and how he got to where he is today: Tell us a bit about how you got to where you are today.  It’s a long story – I’ll give you the edited highlights!! My career...

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25 May Report on the World Retail Congress – Dubai 2016

Having attended the World Retail Congress, hosted in Dubai this April, the mood amongst retailers was both ponderous but also optimistic as to how to take advantage of the “new world” that we find ourselves in. The challenges of modern day retailing have been well documented and include all sorts of ailments… Internationally, many new areas of the world that were expanding in terms of retail opportunity are now experiencing challenges: There are many retailers in The Middle East who are experiencing lfl decreases of between 20% - 30% as the low...

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11 Feb Chairman’s Notes – Feb 2015

The start to our new year at HGA has typified the reasons why, as I enter my 35th year in the retail and fashion world, I have never ever lost my passion for the sector, it’s change, newness and its challenges. At our recent Chairman’s Dinner, a fascinating insight in to the world of Private Equity was provided by Andrew Deakin of Partners Group who joined us for the evening with his team. Andrew has an outstanding track record of investing in and growing brands with in particular an international flavour. As is...

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11 Feb CHAIRMAN’S NOTES – Feb 2014

Our strategy pillars of internationalising our business, building our multi channel strength and forging real partnerships with both our clients and candidates has continued at pace in the early weeks of 2014. This was particularly evidenced by the opening of our third international office in Dubai which is now integrated with our offices in Johannesburg and Istanbul and of course our London base. We are therefore delighted to welcome Tim Fagan to the HGA Group. Tim will be our Managing Director in Dubai covering the Middle East and North Africa markets, bringing...

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